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Roof Replacement Katy

Have you noticed shingles that are curling, missing, or cracking? Have you seen an accumulation of shingle granules at your downspouts? If it has been twenty years or longer since you’ve had your roof replaced or you see signs of possible issues, then it’s time to move forward with researching a roof replacement before further costly damage wreaks havoc on your home and family. When you contact us for a residential roof replacement, we will visit your home, evaluate your roof, and have an open discussion with you about what can be done to resolve the issues found. 

Once we know your roof’s condition and your objectives, we will create an itemized, written estimation allowing you to make an informed decision on our recommendation and the project cost. Our commitment to placing our clients first and supplying uncompromising excellence is what makes us a reputable, trustworthy, and prominent Katy roofing company. We aim for open communication lines from the point of initial contact, to explaining the price estimates, to keeping to the schedule, and on to the final clean up! We believe that quality work comes from the individuals working on it. That is why we never hire amateur roofing contractors. All our crew are highly educated, experienced, and specialized in roofing services. Mistakes are seldom, but if they do occur, we will take the time to fix them to ensure that your roofing system will last for years to come.  Our replacement procedure starts with a solid strategy, ensuring a much better result. You will never have to worry about what we are doing or where we are in the process. When you work together with our Katy roofing company, we will direct you through the entire process from start to finish.

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Regardless of what style of roof you are trying to find, our team of professionals can help. We’ve been in this business for many years, and we’ve installed every shapes, style, and color that you could imagine!  We are accredited and licensed roofing contractors, committed to continuing education for proper training and safety measures. You can trust in our team to get the job done right the first time! When it’s time to replace your rooftop, our Katy roof replacement experts can make the process as easy as you could possibly hope. Our team will help you pick the best material, color, and style for your roof based on your home’s unique needs and your personal preferences.

Do you need a complete roof replacement? High-quality roofing not only looks good and protects your house, your family, and your possessions, but it should also be designed to stand the test of time.  But what happens when that time runs out, and your roof begins to deteriorate? What can you do about the stains and leaks?  Installing a high-quality roof is crucial to your house’s safety and efficiency, but as a homeowner, you should expect to replace it every 10-20 years, depending on the style you chose.  Frequent storms, falling trees, lightning, and age can all contribute to the deterioration of your roof. We are a roofing contractor ready to restore your roof back to it’s best condition. We will complete a comprehensive inspection and offer our best recommendation regarding repairs or replacement.

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Roof Turbine Replacement

Like every other structure, a roof ventilation system calls for repair or replacement every so often. Now you could choose to  dismiss the benefits of preventative maintenance, but at some point, this could cause you more severe issues and thousands of dollars.  For instance, a system that hasn’t had a roof turbine replacement for many years can accumulate harmful and dangerous substances. If the contaminates aren’t cleared away regularly, your vent could pollute the entire structure’s integrity.  In commercial properties, old vent systems often fail to provide the anticipated performance.  The air pulled into them might not get to the ventilation entryway or gets lost in other spaces. Broken airways can cause stagnant air to be sucked in from the technical attic or the basement, transporting it to the offices. When working in commercial buildings, our contractors can perform a roof turbine replacement or repair to supply you with optimum comfort. If you haven’t called a professional to look at your flat roofs vents in a few years, now is the perfect time to contact us. Our specialists will determine whether the vent needs several easy cleaning or essential to replace obsolete details.