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Roofing Contractor Katy TX

For something as important as the roofing protection for a home or structure against the outside elements, many business owners and homeowners are clueless of the condition of their roof, even if they were to climb up there themselves. There are several obvious indicators of potential issues with your roofing system that could be observed from the inside, for example, water damage and lower energy efficiency. However, these red flags don’t always make an appearance, and even then you might not be able to locate the trouble points based on the leaks.  Unless you’re a qualified roofing specialist, you could walk on your roof to check its condition and still not find the issues that we could help you locate.

For this and many other reasons, it is suggested you get a roofing inspection by a seasoned Katy TX roofing contractor who could you find minor and  severe problems. After a severe storm or any other significant environmental event, most homeowners realize the demand for a comprehensive roof inspection to determine whether their roof was damaged. But  don’t let that be the only time you remember to monitor your roof’s integrity.  The best time of year to have your roof inspected is in the spring right before the dry summer heat hits, or in the fall before the winter months roll in.

Your timing is essential. Frigid temperatures can compromise the success of repairs or new roof installations, like shingle replacement, because new shingles cannot seal down correctly when it is cold outside. Another argument for a fall inspection is that certain roof repairs must be done in the fall to be accomplished prior to the following spring, for instance, treatment for lichen and moss. The remedies used for either of these invaders can call for an extended amount of time to do the job, sometimes up to 180 days. If lichen or moss are present during a fall roof inspection, there is still a chance to remove them before winter.

roof inspection katy tx

Roof Inspection Katy TX

We are the  accredited in all kinds of roofing! Regardless of what type of roof maintenance, roof replacement, or roof repair you need to have, we are the Katy TX roofing contractors that you are looking for.  You can trust our team to offer high-quality workmanship!  The first step to identifying the best options you have is begin with a precise roof inspection. We are certified in shingles, metal, tile, slate, and flat roofing.  As your local and affordable roofing contractor, we can help you figure out whether you need a complete roof replacement or just a small repair!

What makes us so special compared to other roofing contractors?  We are trustworthy, experienced, and knowledgeable!  We are not just any roofer; we are a reputable, responsible Katy roofing company dedicated to providing you with roofing solutions that will benefit you for years! Since we have had the opportunity to inspect and repair so many Katy homes over the years, problem-solving becomes much easier because we have seen the same roof problems so many times before. Other roofing businesses just can’t provide the same inspection, analysis, and insight, because they just don’t have the same experience.  Using an inexperienced roofer could result in unnecessary and costly repairs, improperly done maintenance, or even leading you to require a more experienced roofer like us to come install an expensive new roof to remove the issues other companies may have inadvertently caused.  Reach out to us so you can learn about your options and make an informed decision.

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You could try to look for the warning signs yourself to know when you might need to call for a professional roofer.  For some items you might just need to get a set of binoculars and a ladder to be able to spot them!  If you’re not a professional roofer yourself, we don’t recommend this style of “preventative maintenance”.  The best practice is to have your roof inspected every 2-3 years, and after any major storms when you’ve noticed some shingles went missing.   Our Katy roofing company provides many maintenance and inspection plans to inspect the state of your roof materials, penetrations, flashings, metals, and vents. If we find something that may require repair, we will bring it to your attention immediately.

Routine inspections enable you to find small issues before they become more significant and much more expensive. In turn, this can also significantly extend your roof’s lifespan, preventing damages below the roofline and to your house. The price of our maintenance and roof inspection plans depends on a few factors, including your roof’s dimensions, the intricacy, your roof’s pitch, amount of penetrations, flashings, vents, and extra services requested, including cleaning out your gutters. Small repairs are also usually included in our service plans.

We provide roof inspection to both commercial and residential clients. Our company hires roofing contractors that have conducted numerous roof inspections and can expertly examine your home or business’s rooftop and thoroughly identify any problems that you could be facing.  After we complete your Katy TX roof inspection on your residential or commercial property, we will lay out all of your options and provide you with price estimates for what you should expect to spend.

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